Inno Biologics ( ), a globally operating R&D and Contract Manufacturer for monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins with state-of-the-art cGMP Manufacturing Facility, is looking for an agent / representative in Taiwan. The focus for this market is on Contract Research and Services covering non-GMP product such as research grade material, cell-line development, antibody generation etc.

Inno Biologics would provides some commissions for the sales made and below are the services that they are offering under Contract Research & Services portfolio:

Molecular biology/ protein works:
a. Cell-line development – cloning, vector construction, transfection, protein expression, serum free adaptation, media development, stability study etc.
b. Antibody generation – immunisation, spleening, fusion into myloma cell – hybridoma development etc.
c. Selection of high producing clone - by using high throughput screening equipment – CLONE-PIX
d. Antibody humanisation works
e. Research cell-bank

BioProcess works:
a. Production of research grade material in spinner flask, 2L, 5L and 20L bioreactor (recombinant protein/monoclonal antibody) for diagnostics / proof of concept / animal study / toxicology study / pre-clinical study.

Analytical services:
a. Various bioassays and analytical tools – LCMSMS, HPLC, Capillary Electrophoresis etc.

Training services:
Cell culturing, purification, stem cell, PCR etc.



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